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When you join our program, your child will have access to all the help and resources he/she needs to build a lifelong habit for reading.

Membership is $20/month and now, for a limited time, the first month is free!

Through one on one meetings with reading guides, live events, and 24/7 access to our online community, Book Summer provides a world of opportunity for growth, exploration, and adventure right at your fingertips. Starting, reigniting, or maintaining a pleasure reading habit will create a lifetime of enjoyment and build the skills (curiosity, patience, persistence and language) for future intellectual and professional stimulation, growth and success.

1-1 help from
our Reading

Access to a global community of readers

Tools to help
making reading
more fun

1-1 help from
our Reading

Access to a global
of readers

Tools to help
making reading
more fun

Join our monthly program


Subscribing to Book Summer includes:

  • 1-1 help and guidance from our highly skilled and enthusiastic Reading Guides
    • Consultations and coaching available multiple times a week
    • Regular monitoring of reading progress and enjoyment along the way
    • Reading strategies specific to the individual
    • Help with locating books quickly and easily
  • Access to a global community of readers
    • Resources, activities, and discussion forums designed to help keep kids engaged and excited about reading
  • Tools to help making reading more approachable and fun
    • Personalized book list tailored to unique interests
    • Interactive challenges and discussion boards
    • Easy reading goal setting — daily, weekly, and long term
  • Visit our individual bookstore,
  • Your local independent booksellers
  • Your local library
No, purchasing or borrowing of books is the individual’s responsibility
  • Complete daily touch-points:
    • Post reading minutes every day
    • Post comments to at least one discussion thread
  • Have multiple (at least 2) books ready to read
  • Come with questions for your Reading Guide
  • Be on time for virtual discussions
  • Book travels with you wherever you go
  • Participate in challenges and activities
Our Reading Guides monitor daily touch-points: posting daily minutes read, uploading content for activities and challenges, keeping track of top readers by ranking, commenting on discussion boards. We also measure progress through 1-1 virtual meetings and group meetings with Reading Guides.
  • Encourage reader to have ongoing list of at least five books they would like to read
  • Visit the library (or reserve ahead of time for pick-up); make books available
  • Dedicate time for daily reading – create the time and space
  • Encourage reader to bring book for trips, errands, with him/her everywhere
This will be one of many reading strategies we will discuss in group meetings
  • Discovering reading preferences (genre, author’s writing style, etc.)
  • Reading strategies
  • Ways to improve reading habits
  • Goal coaching
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