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Reading lists are customized for individual readers using reader profile questionnaires and one on one discussions with a Reading Guide.

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Our Reading Guides are experienced educators and book lovers looking forward to reintroducing your child to the wonder and enjoyment that comes from reading for pleasure.


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Reading Guides: Getting to Know Kathleen

I’m happy to introduce our other outstanding Reading Guide, Kathleen! Tell us a bit about yourself, Kathleen. I am so excited to be a reading guide for Book Summer! I recently graduated with a degree in elementary education from Loyola Maryland. I am currently pursuing my M.Ed in learning, diversity, and urban studies specializing in […]

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Reading Guides: Getting to Know Angelina

BOOK TALK: FAVORITES Favorite genre  Historical fiction Psychological thrillers All-time favorite book The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah  Favorite author  J. K. Rowling  Favorite place to read My own backyard  Welcome to Book Summer! I am Angelina, an educator that is enthusiastic about all things reading! I am a former 8th-grade reading teacher, curriculum developer, and […]

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Imagination Matters!

Imagination is so important! Personally, I think that it’s something we tend to take advantage of in today’s world of advanced technology. When our minds are constantly consumed by Instagram and TikTok, we leave ourselves little time to get lost in the depths of our own imaginations. Studies have shown time and time again that […]

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